6. 1. 2011

Hradec Králové – People in Hradec Králové are not happy with the local parking system. There is a petition that wants to challenge the ISP company that is meant to run the parking system for the next 30 years according to a contract with the municipality. A cheaper car park could be built in the barracks, the activists say. The petition aims to persuade the municipality and the army to transfer the barracks to the municipality.



The barracks shall help with the parking in the centre

Author: ČT24

The barracks are located in Komenského street that is a part of the municipal circle. A tent had been erected opposite the barracks for people to sign a petition. “There is parking area worth four football pitches within the barracks,” said the author of the petition Róbert Nemeček.

Once there are 500 signatures, the petitioners will hand the petition over to the Ministry of Defence and the municipality. It will not be hard to persuade the town hall as the municipality had already discussed the potential transfer with the army. There is no solution yet. “It is in the interest of the municipality to continue in this discussion,” said the spokeswoman for the municipality Markéta Baldrychová.

It is yet unclear what the army thinks, though. “If the barracks become surplus in the future we would prefer to sell them – the army has a tight budget and we had already given several barracks to the municipality,” said the spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Jan Pejšek.

Reportage Přemysla Šrámka

Whether there is parking in the barracks or not, the town hall keeps promising changes in the parking system. It is planning discounted short-term parking.

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