Hradec Králové – The winter happening in the heated military tent erected by Róbert Nemeček and his supporters opposite the barracks is still going on to protest against the slow process of transfer of the barracks owned by the army.


Protest pamphlet signing due to parking in the centre (7 January 2010). | Photo: DENÍK/David Taneček

Nemeček thinks that the municipality could use the inner area of the barracks as a cheap parking area. The municipality is not against such use, talks with army had been going on for a long time.

“I think it is not good that this area would end up under ISP (Atol), the municipality could sort out parking on its own, said Róbert Nemeček. The petition that people are signing in the tent already has around 500 signatories. “We still have a few sheets out so we will see how many there are in the end. I would like to take the petition to the meeting of the municipality,” said Nemeček. The heated tent serves as a cinema and theatre on Sundays. On Fridays there are concerts.

The barracks currently serve as the headquarters of the Military building and housing services, Military police, Regional financial authority, and there are warehouses as well. If the army decides to get rid of the barracks, it will offer it to other state authorities first.
Source: https://hradecky.denik.cz/zpravy_region/stan_atol_isp_petice_kasarny_20110115.html