We are the Nemecek family. We say no to boredom, and for several years we have been developing and organising various projects for children. Our latest project involves fishing Olympic games titled “Schools Double Victory”, which will take place in Třebechovice pod Orebem

Schools Double Victory

Fishing games through which we want to educate children all over the world in fishing and creativity. The games will be organised for teams of children from local schools – they will compete in catching fish, fishing technique, and in theory. Children’s creativity will be put to test in a day task during which they will be asked to come up with an original fishing story and draw it. The winners of the fishing disciplines will receive attractive material awards, such as professional fishing gear and tackle. The best fishing story will be animated and donated to the authors – the kids and the entire school that won in this discipline. Our mission is to inspire children to go outdoors and find a hobby. We want to help them build a lifetime passion and respect for this hobby.