Hradec Králové – the owner of the neighbouring plot did not approve further reconstruction. they are worried that it would be only interim solution.

Bono Publico čeká na další fázi rekonstrukce. V první etapě bylo nutné zbavit zdivo vlhkosti.

Click to zoom in: Bono publico is waiting for the next phase of reconstruction. In the first phase it was necessary to dry out the walls. | Photo: Deník/Michaela Horynová

One of Hradec’s cultural monuments has gone through the first phase of reconstruction. A major part of the reconstruction is still ahead. The stairs are waiting for the building approval.

In the first phase it was necessary to dry out the walls. In the next phase, Bono publico will get new stairs and lights. There will be also CCT cameras to prevent vandalism. As Milan Brokeš from the municipal authority had said, this is the first complete reconstruction of the stairs in 25 years.

The municipality had encountered an obstacle on the way to the building approval. “We are waiting for a positive statement of the stakeholders, Róbert Nemeček still did not provide his approval,” said Vlastimil Ondráček of Technical Services for Hradec Králové. Róbert Nemeček is the owner of the plot adjacent to the entry to the stairs. The poor condition of Bono publico concerns him, but he wants no interim solution: “In the past years the stairs had been closed many times, which was unpleasant for me as the owner. My greatest wish is that the reconstruction means real solution that lasts for years, ideally for decades.”

Nemeček is worried that the stairs will close in a few years’ time. He thinks the humidity and stability problems had not been resolved properly. “I think Bono publico should be restored in a proper way,” explains the owner of the plot. Milan Brokeš does not share Nemeček’s worries; he thinks that stability is not an issue.

The municipality decided to accommodate Róbert Nemeček’s appeal. “We had a meeting, discussed the entire issue and agreed on closer collaboration,” informed Milan Brokeš.

If Nemeček eventually does not grant approval, the project documentation would have to change. “His part of the plot that reaches into the project would have to be excluded from the reconstruction. But I hope that we will come to an agreement,” specified Brokeš.

Other stairs and steps dilapidating too

Bono publico is not the only staircase from the old town that needs reconstruction. The nearby Gočár staircase is in need as well. There are graffiti tags all over it, plaster falling off, and loose bricks. “Some fifteen years ago we painted it after the conservationists’ approval and since then there had been no actions,” stated Vlastimil Ondráček. He noted that the northern terraces could do with some restoration as well – they are crumbling apart and some of the parts had to be closed for public. “In some places we are even anticipating landslides.” said Ondráček.

Reconstruction of Bono publico will be a major investment: “The reconstruction of the stairs will cost about 25 million CZK,” said Ondráček. This means that other staircases will have to wait for a while.

Autor: Michaela Horynová