Fishermen’s Lodge, Komenského street, Hradec Králové

Our main aim is to create three attractive stops on the planned bicycle path No 14, all of them focusing on environmental protection. Wells with drinking water are prepared for each of the stops. The path between these three stops will be called Environment Tour.

Stops on the Environment Tour:

No. 1 – Fishermen’s Lodge, Komenského street, Hradec Králové

In an area adjacent to the Bono publico stairs and the Komenium Palace on plot No 334 and unit No 264/1 of apartment house No 264 on Komenského street, cadastral area Hradec Králové, property in the sole ownership of Róbert Nemeček, we are preparing a project of terraced gardens with a reconstruction of original wooden structures, water ditch, and a drawbridge for the public. The entire revitalisation project is designed as a reminiscence of the historical Fishermen’s Pier due to which a part of the fortification walls had to be pulled down and where the famous Bono publico stairs were built. The water ditch, as a part of the fortification system, was removed as well so that the fishermen and laundry maids could descend down to the river Orlice. In this area and at the Komenium Palace we are preparing a design of a new Fishermen’s Lodge with fishing activities in the water ditch. The caught fish will be cleaned, cooked and served. There will be bike rental, information centre focusing on nature and environment, and co-working offices serving as an incubator for business start-ups. 

Bicycle path No 14

Another idea of the project is to facilitate key improvements on the long-distance bicycle path No 14 between Hradec Králové and Třebechovice pod Orebem, which serves as the backbone path under the Strategy of long–distance bicycle paths of the Hradec Králové Region. The aim is to speed up the construction works of the cross-road with road No I/11 where an overpass/underpass is planned for bikers and pedestrians in Třebechovice pod Orebem. The key aim of the project is to make sure the path retains the status of a leisure trail that it is safe for cyclists, and that it follows forest and field tracks around attractive tourist destinations. Another goal of the project is to alter the route so that it moves from the current dangerous path running along the road to a safe bike path on forest and field tracks. The routing of the bike path shall connect attractive tourist destinations in the regions of Hradec Králové, Běleč nad Orlicí and Třebechovice pod Orebem. Businesses near the path will get the opportunity to develop their activities related to tourism.